Revisiting The Meaning of Home

Revisiting The Meaning of Home

What does home mean to you? That was the same question Luca Salisbury, renowned surf photographer, asked himself during the infamous year of 2020. While many across the country experienced a rather difficult lockdown period, the surf residents of Cronulla were treated to an unprecedented combination of fortunate borders, flexible work conditions, and a stellar winter of world class waves. It was throughout this period that Luca began curating his debut publication ‘Home’, a breathtaking photo journal of the waves that brought fulfilment to the local community, when they needed it most. 

For many, surfing didn’t just offer a means of ‘physical exercise’, but rather a profound connection to nature and a sense of freedom that had become scarce in the confines of lockdowns. In Cronulla, and its surrounds, you could feel a renewed appreciation for the sense of belonging that tends to attach itself to the sport. Through his photography, Luca invited viewers to explore the concept of home beyond its conventional definition. To him ‘Home’ wasn't merely defined by an inflated mortgage, but extended to the shared experiences that bind individuals together in a community.

Moving forward 4 years, it is fair to say that Luca has hit his strides within his chosen profession. From landing his work on the cover of Surfing World, to placing in the finals of the Red Bull Illume contest, a little something says that at only 19 years of age, Luca’s future is bright.

On this note, it is exciting to announce that Luca, and the team at LOTU, have been working together closely to debut his first clothing collection, fittingly dubbed 'HOME'. This collection is dedicated to the waves, landscapes, and shared experiences that make us truly feel at home.

Some words from Luca --- “I feel super privileged to be working with LOTU on this project. It’s always exciting seeing your artwork come to life, especially if it’s on a tee! The time and passion that the team have dedicated to the collection has really shown itself in the designs. I’m excited to see plenty of faces getting around this new look!"

Support Luca's work by shopping the ‘Home’ Collection today.

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