Our Team

Jake Burns

Co-Owner, Head Of Product Development

Jake joined the company in late 2023, and is now a co-owner and head of product development. Despite his later arrival, we like to think of Jake as founder due to his dedicated support in shaping brand from day one. Jake arguably plays the most important role in the company, by sourcing and designing the bulk of our products.

Tom Groat

Co-Owner, Head of brand development

Tom is co-owner of our company and head of brand development. Having formed the brand off the back of shaping surfboards in his family barn, Tom has played a pivotal role in building the brand into what is today through managing our website and marketing.

Luca Salisbury

Surf Photographer

Luca is a talented surf photographer from Cronulla, NSW. He has been a friend of our company from the beginning, helping supply many of the images that you will see displayed across our social pages and website. Luca’s images feature in our collection ‘Home’.

Zac McMartin

Team Rider

Zac is one of our sponsored team riders. He is a highly respected surfer from Cronulla, NSW, who has a fierce desire to chase the biggest and heaviest waves in the world. If there is any occupation worthy of putting our gear to the test, it's his...